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Inspiring, training & creating leaders

Juan Alvarado loves to inspire people and help them find their purpose.

Juan speaks from his experiences which range from being a child of migrant field workers to his experiences as an Army Veteran.

Juan went from having trouble in school as a student to becoming the Director of After School Programs working alongside Teachers, Principals, and Administrators.

He continues to train leadership professionals and their teams, motivating them and keying in on their strengths. He is rekindling whole organizations focus and culture, creating productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness .

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Life is too short to wonder what if. Let me help you tap into your core skills and release your full potential.

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Become The Most Effective And Efficient

Teachers & Paraprofessionals

Training for Behavioral Management, Classroom Management, PBIS, Building Relationships, Discipline, and leading in a virtual classroom

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Strengthen Your Teams With

Professional Development

Professional development is not just a class or seminar to learn a trick or two that you may or may not use. We utilize Gallup Strengthsfinder to tap into everyone’s talent and turn those talents into strengths. You and your staff will learn to align yourselves so you may focus on greatness. Is your team functioning as it should?

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Step Into Your Greatness With

Personal Development

We are designed for so much more. Create a new mindset, understand how you work, function, and grow. Tap into your superpower. Let’s create the best you and maximize your full potential.

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Reengage Your Team With

Motivational Speaking

Whether it’s work, workouts, relationships or life, in general, we could all use a pick me up. Do you need something to set you straight? Something to Pump you up and give you that boost of energy to take on the day?

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What Clients Have To Say

Slide Private clients Professional Firms After School Tutor "In Mr. Alvarado's class, I learned how to find my why, and focus in on making a difference in my student's lives.

He helped me to refocus my life it helped me understand I needed to make a choice to remove toxic people I had effecting me. He showed me how to surround myself with helpful people to help me achieve my goals."
"Juan is a great motivational speaker. He motivated me, and when I left his class, I knew what my goals were and how I was going to accomplish them with steps on how to get there. I walked away with insightful
A. Vazquez, California Teaching Fellows Teacher Sandra V., Entrepreneurs "I loved every minute of his class. What an Amazing job, Very Powerful, and his words were very impactful" Director of Early Stars Program, Tulare County Office Of Education
Slide World Financial Group Associate "Mr. Alvarado really helped me by changing and expanding my work-ethic and mindset.

I now have a plan and goal with focus and action steps so I can accomplish everything I set for myself"
“Very inspirational, he really brought the topic home with a lot of issues we have with staff."

"Brought relatable examples that spoke directly to me. We could use more trainings like his”
Ceasar B., Early Stars TCOE Supervisor, "I loved every minute of his class. What an Amazing job, Very Powerful, and his words were very impactful" Director of Early Stars Program, Tulare County Office Of Education

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