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Intentional Leadership

Juan understands that at times work can become difficult and as a person we all have different roles we must play into. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we return home and everything in between we must confront and work with different people requiring us to wear different hats. And it gets hard taking on and off those hats. Juan has created a framework that he perfectly coined called “H.A.T.s for every leader and employee to live by when we transition between these roles that require different hats. Juan will not only teach but move the audience to think with intentionality so that they can transform their actions. Attendees are regularly heard saying that they could instantly connect to Juan Stories stating “This felt so relatable, He gets and understands us” and “Juan kept it real and authentic”. Whether it’s in their home or in their work, they will learn and become motivated to be intentional with everyone they encounter.

Personal and Organizational Alignment

During his presentation, Juan will run you through his missteps in life and in his work that derailed his journey that toppled him from great leadership to becoming miserable as no one seemed to want to follow his lead. But through his alignment framework he rapidly became successful amongst his peers, family, and staff by taking ownership and becoming aligned with his own mission and vision, and then aligned it with his purpose at work. As the director of programs, he became highly successful taking his new team to the top of the mountain and leading one of the best teams he has ever led. Learn the power of personal and professional Alignment.

The Growth of Authentic Leadership

Juan will quickly capture the student in all of us as he teaches the growth of an authentic leader. He will walk you through the process of what growth takes and the pain we have to endure for the victories of those under our charge. He calls it: From Roots to Fruits how to lay the foundational roots of leadership so our organization and our people can become fruitful and thrive feeding those who we serve. Listen as he navigates your understanding each step of the way from planting seeds to multiplying your leadership.

——— Workshops ———

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5 Essentials to Well-being and How To Prevent Burnout

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed in both your personal and professional life?

This workshop aims to provide you with the tools and understanding to overcome and manage these feelings. Based on Gallup-backed research, we will explore the 5 essentials of well-being and how to prevent burnout in yourself and your employees. By understanding how these 5 areas are interconnected, you will learn how to authentically connect and engage with your team, leading to alignment in both your personal and professional life and ultimately, the ability to live and work with purpose and intentionality.

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The Blueprint to Leadership

As a great foundation for leadership, this workshop teaches the different levels of leadership and why people will follow you. This workshop is important for new and veteran leadership to understand where they stand in the eyes of others and how to earn the trust of the staff and build relationships to set the standard for great leadership through the organization.

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The Servant Leader

Being a servant leader takes work but isn’t a hard thing to learn how to do. A big misconception is that servant leaders can be pushovers and be taken advantage of. That’s not the case. Juan will teach your leadership personnel how to serve their staff wholeheartedly all while standing strong with a firm respectful boundary and keeping the standards high for the organization.

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Learn what is needed to shift what you already know about leadership into learning how to steward your position. We all know there are different leadership styles but do we have the ability for continuous quality improvement in ourselves as leaders and the ability to change for an ever-changing workforce. Learn how to go from a leader to one who can steward their position.

This workshop was great! The things covered in this workshop really help you take a step back and self-evaluate how you are doing in supporting staff and their journey to becoming leaders in the program. My eyes have been opened wider to what I should be doing and the impact it has on myself and others.

R. Rosas, Teacher, Fresno CA

OST (Out Of School Time) Workshops


Learn how to manage your classroom with boundaries and standards that are easy to follow. Create visuals and verbal cues that communicate your message. Learn how to set up your classroom, homework class, snack tables, indoor and outdoor recreation time that will help you with your vision and accountability.


Behavioral management is different than classroom management. One manages your classroom the other will help you manage and teach the behavior you are looking for. Learn how to create agreements (not rules) and what is needed when it comes to discipline. Juan teaches that you can still love through discipline. Learn strategies that will have your students listen and follow your lead.

Building Authentic Relationships with Staff and Students

In this game-changing workshop, Juan will teach you a foundational principle that you simply can’t ignore: Connection Before Correction. Discover how to build a deeper connection with your students and unlock their full potential with just a few simple tweaks. Learn to understand what your students really need and want from you, and how to make the most of every teaching opportunity.

No matter what kind of students you’re working with, Juan has got you covered. Even if you’re dealing with “Tier 3 Students” or persistent misbehavior, he’ll show you how to handle the situation with ease and confidence. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to success with Connection before Correction. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your teaching and change your students’ lives.


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