Energize Your People

People are like elevators, some will take you up and some will bring you down.  Juan is one of those people who will lift you up and drive you with confidence. When you hear Juans Message you will connect with laughter, you will be moved emotionally and you will be motivated to move with action. 

From struggling student to successful sergeant, from depression to motivation Juan has gone through hell and back. In his journey in the workforce from line staff to manager and director Juan has seen both side of every coin. Now Juan is on a mission to combat complacency to make sure our workers and leaders are intentional with every action and word. Creating a work culture everyone can thrive in, willing and wanting to be productive and effective every single day. 

Juans Keynotes:

  • The Intentional And Purposeful Leader
  • Essentials To Well-Being And How To Prevent Burnout
  • Creating Focus Through Alignment
  • Meaningful Engagement And Recognition
  • Finding Purpose at Work

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Learn to grow

Self-reflection is so important. To know where you are going, you have to know where you have been. Experiences are nice, but evaluated experiences are better.

Once you KNOW, you can GROW you!

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Life is too short to wonder what if. Let me help you tap into your core skills and release your full potential.

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