Breathe Life & Purpose Back Into Your Team

The workplace can seem repetitive, and employees can feel like they are in a revolving door at work. Most employees feel they are not working in or towards their true strengths or potential. However, when employees know their strengths and the culture at work is strengths-based, studies show that productivity is higher and staff are happier.

Gallup research shows that when employees know and use their strengths, they are more engaged (nearly six times more), have higher performance, and are much less likely to leave their company.

Day in and day out employees all over the world go to their jobs like clockwork doing roughly the same thing which causes redundancy. The average employee loses sight of their cause and diminishes their purpose. Reports show it is more expensive to hire and train than it is to keep their current staff. You more than likely have an amazing staff, however, it may feel like they are not firing on all cylinders, causing you and others to stress.

We are all born, built, and gifted with talents. When we use those talents enough it develops those into strengths. Yet our everyday grind of the job may not allow us to use our strengths or the employee doesn’t know how to use their strengths properly to boost their work ethic and efficiency.

With Raize The Bar, Juan will reestablish your company’s standard focusing on a more significant “strength-based” output of your staff. Allow Juan to breathe life and purpose back into your team which has been a long time coming. Let Juan motivate your team, tap into their talents, and guide them into strengths bringing them up to a higher work-ethic giving you and your company a return on your personal development investment. Just think of a higher sense of purpose, healthier environment, less stress, and a greater efficacy from top to bottom.

Productive, motivating & a joy to be in

“When I understood my strengths, my engagement at work turned around and I felt a new sense of value and worth. Because I was working in my strengths as well as my co-workers, the environment became productive, motivating, and a joy to be in. Gallup Strengths is a GAME CHANGER “


Understand & Apply Strengths

Stop wondering how to improve your team’s performance. Start knowing.

Helping your team members understand and apply their strengths is the most effective way to improve their performance, efficiency and engagement at work. Period.

Gallup assessments identify the natural talents of the people on your team so you can transform employee potential into performance.

Plus, the assessments is easy to take, and the results are available instantly.

Employees who receive strengths-based development have:

7% - 23%

Higher Employee Engagement

8% - 18%

Increased Performance

20% - 73%

Lower Attrition

Using CliftonStrengths To Improve Performance

Professional Development Options

Feed Communication and Starve Aggravation

It is said that there are over 12 different ways of communication yet in the workplace and in everyday relationships we all suffer from a lack of communication.

You will learn which communication type is critical to the success of the team and how to understand others without confusion or frustration. Listening vs. Hearing and the differences. Use your strengths for added success

Team Work and Balance

A balanced worker is a stress-free worker and alongside others creates a welcoming atmosphere. See how your team stacks up so it can work at its full potential.

Understanding each other’s roles, strengths, and talents builds momentum and specific focus. We will take employees from individuals to a strengths-based team bringing great synergy.

Leadership, Am I doing it correctly?

Do not work harder, but work smarter. Let your leadership work for you. You will learn how to lead your staff/team, and your staff will learn to influence others.

Learn the blueprint to leadership and what the four keys to success are and how employees all over the world need these four basics.

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The Benefits of Gallup Strengths Training

Investing In Value

The most significant investment in your employee, so when you invest in them through professional development, the return becomes greater in the long run.

When you and your staff take this training you get a detailed breakdown of your top 5 or 10 CliftonStrengths themes, including ideas for action and potential blind spots for each theme includes advice on how to navigate your 11-34 themes (full 34 reports only) We give you ideas for how to identify and manage potential weaknesses.

It will reveal which domain you lead with, which helps explain how you use your CliftonStrengths to contribute and succeed when you join, create or lead a team.

Team Work

Organizations with strengths-based cultures succeed because:

They engage their employees.

They surround employees with managers who coach them to maximize their potential. They provide an exceptional employee experience.

What is better than having all of your staff/admin or Organization motivated for a common vision, goals, and set of values. A new culture is needed and “Strengths” is the way to go. A staff that grows together and learns together AND KNOWS each other becomes a winning team together.

Leadership and Impact

Every organization relies on their leaders. With PD your leaders will learn to embody coaching and mentoring. Nice Manager vs. Great Coach: When an employee has a nice manager, it’s a bonus. But when they have a great manager — one who cares for them and knows how to coach them — it’s an experience that enhances productivity and passion.

Lead with the “New Leadership” styles and stay ahead of the curve. Your group of leaders will perform on a grander scale because of their new found knowledge of leadership, personality styles and heighten your E.Q.

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