If you are tired of what you are getting then you need to change what you are giving. Developing your personal and professional development is crucial for any successful career. People want to know that their leader is not only competent but honest in their ongoing growth. If employees see the example set then the transformation has started to take root and employees are more eager to follow.

Whether you’re a CEO, Supervisor, Administration, or Employee, discover why multiple school districts and over 518 schools have been impacted by the unique way I work with leaders and their teams! Improve your relationships and develop emotional intelligence and know your natural strengths to bring clarity to your work and worth.

Workshops And Training Designed To Help You Succeed

What does success look like to you, your staff, and your organization? In my workshops, we will go over just that. Because you will quickly find out that not everyone is on the same page, sometimes you’re not even in the same book let alone the same chapter. We must understand what success looks like on every level. Not only that, We must know how everyone operates.

Have you ever wondered why people in your organization get along and others don’t? and sometimes the littlest thing can make someone go over the edge on either side of the spectrum. John Maxwell once said, “Leaders know more and they know before.” When your staff takes the strengths assessment you will know more and know what to do before issues even arise.

  • Workshops Include:

    • Strengthsfinder (For Managers, and Staff – Individual or group)
    • Lead with Intentionality and Purpose
    • The Blueprint To Leadership (Also available in Virtual Online Course)
    • The 5 Essentials To Wellbeing and How To Prevent Burnout
    • Personal Alignment That Makes You Shine at Work
    • *Education/Paraprofessionals – The Secrets To Becoming A Phenomenal Staff

Understand & Apply Strengths

Stop wondering how to improve your team’s performance. Start knowing.

Helping your team members understand and apply their strengths is the most effective way to improve their performance, efficiency and engagement at work. Period.

Gallup assessments identify the natural talents of the people on your team so you can transform employee potential into performance.

Plus, the assessments is easy to take, and the results are available instantly.

Employees who receive strengths-based development have:

7% - 23%

Higher Employee Engagement

8% - 18%

Increased Performance

20% - 73%

Lower Attrition

Using CliftonStrengths To Improve Performance

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